Monday, August 18, 2014

Day Two: Painting and Stitching Center

Today we rode a bus (quite an adventure for many of us, but somehow less crowded than the buses on the A&M campus...) to a different school to do a workshop with the children. We told the story of Noah, sang a few songs with fun motions, and helped the children make wooden boats to remember God's faithfulness to Noah. The kids loved making the boats; it was a lot of fun for them to be able to decorate their own sails with markers and put stickers on the wood.
We also painted a mural of Jonah on the wall of the teaching center in the slum. We were uncertain about doing this, since none of us are artists,  but God really came through for us and helped us make a mural we can be proud of (and the teachers like too).
This afternoon a few of us girls went to the stitching center where ladies from the community come and make products for Rahab's Rope to sell in their Georgia storefront. It was a little awkward at first because none of us have any sewing or crocheting or embroidery skills, so we weren't able to help with anything and sat talking to the ladies while they worked. Finally one lady took pity on us and began making henna designs on our hands and arms for the rest of the time. This was a blessing for me because we were feeling very awkward and didn't known what to do, so her recognizing that we felt like outsiders and using her skills with henna to make us feel a little more like we belonged was like a balm for my soul.
We ended the day with a basic hygiene class for the young girls living in the slum we focused mainly on hand washing and the like. The girls were very sweet and listened intently, and afterward they stayed to talk to us and take pictures with us (they love having their picture taken because many of the families cannot afford to get pictures made). When we left, they followed us all the way down the street telling us goodbye.

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