Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day Three: Craft Day and Stitching Center Part Deux

Today we did another children's workshop at the same place as yesterday. This time there were so many children that we could hardly move! They sang the songs with us and even requested one we did yesterday, which was really good for me because it showed they were paying attention and remembering what we taught them. We developed the pictures we took of the children yesterday and handed them out today to put in wooden picture framed that the children could decorate with markers and stickers. The kids LOVED this craft, swarming Mari and Sophia and Natalie for foam stickers and Sarod to take more pictures. They had so much fun decorating their frames and showing us what they made: it was refreshing to see their excitement over something we take for granted in the States, with cameras so easily accessible and printed photographs so cheap.

Natalie, Khaleeqa (a new friend joining us from New Jersey), and I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon at the stitching center, which was my favorite part of the day. It started off awkward, just like yesterday, as we felt distant from the women since we were just sittin there doing nothing while they worked. but during lunch we decided to have a prayer and worship session since the women were eating at their own homes. It was so amazing to hear the passion in my friends' voices as they cried out to God on behalf of the women who come to the center to work. As our worship time came to a close, the owner of the center came over to us and we had wonderful conversation where we were able to share why we were here in India.  Testimonies were shared and I feel we were able to really connect with him and tell him how God is at work in our lives and how through him we have life, hope, joy and peace. Its amazing how God turned our feeling of awkwardness and defeat into a time of joy and victory.

The second session after lunch was a lot more like friends getting together for a sleepover. We laughed and danced and listened to music while the girls worked and studied for upcoming exams. A few girls even taught us to do mendhi (mendhi is what henna designs are called here).

Please join us in prayer for these women that God would break the chains that bind them, banish the spirits of fear and anger and sickness that hold sway over this city, and that He would raise up a generation of worshippers of the one true God in India.

-- Meghan and Natalie

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I know it can be exhausting to sit down at the computer at the end of the day and try to form coherent sentences...please keep it up! It helps those of us here at home to feel more connected to the work you're doing and to pray in more specific ways. I'm loving experiencing the Indian women and children through you!