Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day One: Preschools and Tuition Program

Yesterday we went to a couple of local preschools to tell Bible stories, play games, sing songs, and help the teachers with whatever they needed. The best part of the morning was how much the children responded to our attention; they all wanted to sit in our laps and hug us and have us check their work. One little girl in particular kept kissing my face and tickling me. She followed me around and gave me hugs over and over. She was so sweet!

Later we visited Hindu temples to pray over the worshippers that God would set them free. This was the hardest part for me, because there were so many people in each temple offering sacrifices and praying to stone gods that can never hear their requests. I ended up on a bench inside one of the temples praying and crying over the hopelessness and brokenness these people experience every day. My hope is in God, however, and he is mighty to save! He is gathering worshippers from every tribe and tongue and nation, so I can have faith that he will rescue the people I saw worshipping the Hindu gods.

After the temples we visited houses in a slum and prayed with the families. Many wished for peace and prosperity for their families, especially the children.

Please join us in prayer for the people we met yesterday, that the one true God would reveal himself to them and give them real peace and real hope and an inheritance that will never tarnish, spoil, or fade.


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