Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello and welcome to Team India 2014's blog!

We are all currently getting our things together in preparation to our trip to Goa, India!

We will be leaving August 1st and our itinerary has us leaving DFW at almost 4 in the afternoon and has us landing in Amsterdam after a 9 hour and 20 minute flight! Sounds pretty intense, and so we would appreciate prayers because some that are going on the trip have never flown before, and others this will be the longest flight they have been on. And by prayers I mean pray for the veterans who have made a flight like this before and that they will have patience with those who haven't. After a two hour layover we will be boarding another plane that is headed to Mumbai, India. This flight also is to take another 9 hours and that makes our arrival time around 11 that evening. This will be our longest layover consisting of 6 hours till we take our final flight to Goa.

We are all super excited and can't wait to get going!

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